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Transforming the
Clinical Enrollment Phase,
One Subject at a Time.

About Polus

While working at a clinical research site, I experienced firsthand the inefficiencies in identifying trial candidates. This often led to an excess of screen failures, numerous missed opportunities for subject recruitment, and delayed enrollment deadlines. In my efforts to refine this process, I pinpointed several areas for improvement but also recognized the complexity of the challenge; there was no easy single solution. This realization, albeit frustrating, highlighted an opportunity for innovation.


After consulting with industry colleagues and assessing the limitations of current technologies and services, it became clear that a comprehensive overhaul was necessary — a task beyond the scope of individual site capabilities. This insight was the catalyst for founding Polus Health Inc., with the ambitious goal of transforming the industry.


At Polus Health, we leverage a unique combination of dedicated, experienced professionals, innovative Artificial Intelligence technology, and tailored site integration strategies. Our mission is to empower each site to optimize the identification and selection of potential subjects, to be the single easy solution and truly revolutionize the way clinical trials are conducted.

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Who We Are

Our Mission in the Research Space

Polus Health is committed to revolutionizing clinical trials through superior subject referrals, and seamless integration with all participating sites. Our approach is designed to streamline site processes, significantly increase enrollment rates, and minimize screen failures. Our goal is to ensure that your clinical trial meets its enrollment targets promptly. 

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